Your Facebook page may be as important as your webpage these days. Take advantage of those engaged fans by listing your available packages.

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From your account to your Facebook Page

My Outdoor Calendar customers can publish packages to Facebook with just a few clicks. This free feature provides your business with the up-sell opportunity that you can place on your Facebook page for potential customers..

Push your packages to Facebook with a few clicks

Once you're set up with My Outdoor Calendar, you will be ready to publish to Facebook. The look and feel of your packages will be the same on your Facebook page as they are on your website. To learn how to set this up check out our blog post: Publish your trips to your Facebook Page

Sell to your fans without "selling" to your fans

Our Facebook app allows you to publish all of your available packages on Facebook without actually having you sell to your fans. The best time to sell to your customers is when they're excited about your offer - Make sure you have an offer for them with our App.

Facebook Page - Help!

Do you need help setting up or maintaining your Facebook page? Our team is experienced with Facebook marketing, Facebook Connect, optimization, lead generation, and just some solid advice.

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