We started with a dream, and we grew it into a reality.

My Outdoor Calendar was founded on the belief that there was a better way for fishing guides to manage their calendars and guides, along with being able to address one of their most numerous customer requests, outside of catching more fish. To be able to accept reservations and payments online.

More time on the water

Guides are busy, seasons are short, and money needs to be made quickly. For too long customer phone numbers and reservations were taken and kept on anything from 3m notes to the back this week’s hot lure packaging. My Outdoor Calendar was developed to help give guides a real advantage over the competition by regaining control over their time. And that translates into more time on the water with customers.

Book more trips

Time spent between follow-up phone calls, returning emails, can all translate into lost sales, and My Outdoor Calendar helps you keep those reservations and additionally book more trips. From our online reservation platform and calendar, to guide management and CRM, My Outdoor Calendar will allow you, simply, to book more trips.

We care about the product we've built

The founders of My Outdoor Calendar have been hunting and fishing since they were young. Knowing the fishing industry like we do allows us to provide the best product and experience to grow the value of our product and help you grow the value of your business.

Meet the Team

John Limbach
CEO and Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder of My Outdoor Calendar, John has been hunting and fishing from Sask Canada to Key West, and all points between. Using guides for many of the trips, and first-mating himself on the Great Lakes, John felt there was a better way for guides to manage their businesses. Leveraging the experience from two previous start-ups, My Outdoor Calendar is well positioned to lead in the sportfishing industry.

Tim Grove
CTO and Co-Founder


Cora Monis
Director of Operations


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