Designed for the Outdoor Business Industry

The team at My Outdoor Calendar has developed this platform for how fish guiding businesses operate. This platform is tailored especially for you, offering unique elements and features to your industry.

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Calendar & Booking

Capture bookings when your customers are ready to book, not when you’re able to return a call or answer an email. Unquestioningly your customers have asked for the option to book and pay online. Now you can give that to them. Allowing new and existing customers to book on their time is what My Outdoor Calendar is all about

Ever forget your calendar on the dash of your truck or at the helm of your rig? If you’re anything like the guides up here, you have. Keep you calendar with you at all times on your smartphone or tablet and always be able to access your calendar and customers.

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Manage Customers

Make sure that traffic coming to your site has a way to book on your website. The travel industry has taught customers how easy it is to book online. Allowing your potential clients to see your pricing and availabilities is one step you can take using our platform for your advantage.

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Manage Guides

Who is going out when and with who? What boat are they taking? How many trips have they run? No more playing phone tag with your guides, My Outdoor Calendar manages your guides and what they are doing and when. With My Outdoor Calendar you are only seconds away from your guides.

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My Outdoor Calendar holds all of the information for the trips you have taken. Quickly tally sales, payment, and trip information right from My Outdoor Calendar. No more counting trips manually from your calendar or trying to remember if full payment has been made. Leverage My Outdoor Calendar to better utilize the assets you have.

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Email Marketing and Mailing List

Stay in constant contact with you customers through our integrated automatic emails. From initial reservation through reminder emails to re-book for later in the season, let your customers know exactly where they stand. Use all the information you have on My Outdoor Calendar to engage them and make sure they don’t fish with the guys next to you on your dock!

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Mobile Access

Simple...access your My Outdoor Calendar information from any device. Whatever device you are using automatically updates in the cloud, and can be accessed from another of your devices at any time.

The ability to manage so much of your business from your mobile device while on the boat or in the field is critical to growing your business. Having easy mobile access to this information on your time and not just the end of a long day fishing at the office will have real effects on your bookings.

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Designed for the Outdoor Business

Our Online Booking & Management Tool is built specifically for the outdoor business owner. My Outdoor Calendar will assist you in managing online reservations & manage the day-to-day operations for your outdoor business. My Outdoor Calendar is designed for Fishing Guides, Hunting Guides, Fly Shops, and other outdoor based businesses.

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